Video – Did You Know That Degenerative Arthritis is NOT a Result of “Just Getting Older?” Find out what’s really causing your joint pain, AND what you can do about it.

Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Do you ever catch yourself saying “UGH! I can’t remember what I did yesterday! Maybe I’m getting older…” or “My knees are aching, I must be getting older.” STOP saying that! The vast majority of health conditions that we, our culture, even our medical profession attributes to aging, have nothing to do with aging. Let’s just take arthritis for an example. Most degenerative arthritis is actually due to inflammation. Now you might get a picture in your mind of degenerative arthritis as bone spurs and joint space narrowing and kind of just like rusting out and wearing out of your joints. While that’s true, that is what happens in degenerative arthritis, it’s a result of inflammation. Yes, a little bit of wear and tear, but it’s really a result, and the pain comes from inflammation. The inflammation can happen at any age. Here’s why I think it’s a little bit worse, perhaps, if you’re older, and that’s just because it’s been going on for so long. You can take charge of these so called “age related health conditions” by reducing inflammation in your body. How do you do that? Improve your diet, movement will help your joints as well. So if you catch yourself saying “Oh, XYZ, it must be due to getting older.” I want you to seriously question that, because most of the things that you might be attributing to getting older have nothing to do with that. I hope you continue to read our website and watch our videos for more tips on how to age well, and if you have specific concerns please reach out to us so we can answer your specific questions about how to age well.


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