Video – Solutions for Painful Bunions and 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes


Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hi, it’s Dr. Perry here!
So, if you have ever had a bunion or you currently have a bunion, ooo, doesn’t feel good. It’s where your big toe is misaligned, it starts pointing toward the second toe and that joint can become inflamed and it can be very painful. So, even if you don’t have a bunion, hang in there with me, because I am going to be talking about proper footwear, which is really important in dealing with bunions, preventing bunions, but this video going over proper footwear applies to everybody. You want to have healthy feet because that can affect the whole rest of your body. So, back to bunions, now, bunions, a lot of people who come to see me think that bunions are hereditary and they’re really not. They’re caused by improper footwear. So many conditions that we assume are hereditary are actually just common. If a lot of the people in your family have bunions, it’s probably not hereditary, it’s probably that they’re wearing the wrong shoes, their shoes have caused it. Let’s take a look at this shoe. My favorite shoe here! Cute, and cheap, and it meets all the criteria of adequate footwear that won’t cause bunions. First thing, it has a wide toe box. Of course it’s a wide toe box, there’s no toe box here! Secondly, the forefoot of the shoe, the front of the shoe here, is flexible. You want that! Secondly, it doesn’t have a big heel. And, actually, that was the third thing. So the fourth point is that it doesn’t have what’s called a toe spring. Let’s take a look at this shoe. You can see that this hiking boot here, it curls up a little bit, you will see running shoes do that as well. This is not good for your foot, you don’t want that. This shoe has a little bit of a heel. This shoe does have some good flexibility in the forefoot, it has that going for it. To test the width of the shoe, if you have a close toe shoe, most of them are going to have a liner in it. Pull it out and step on it. If your toes hang off the edge of the liner, then that means that the toe box of that shoe is too narrow. It can be challenging to find close toed shoes that meet all of those criteria. However, there is a good source on YouTube, and it is a podiatrist who makes a product called “Correct Toes” which I use with a lot of my patients, it’s a toe spreader, you can purchase those from Correct Toes, and you can also go to their Youtube site and they have amazing, amazing videos and resources for different shoes that tend to meet all those criteria. So check it out at And if you’re local in Houston and you are dealing with any kind of foot problem, some of the other things we do in the office can be very beneficial to help you recover from those foot issues as well. Including acupuncture, specific exercises, and some instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization that we do. So, find some good shoes, hopefully their cute, like mine, and you won’t get a bunion if you don’t already have one! And if you do, get out of those narrow toed shoes!

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