Video | Saunas, Sweating, and Detox: How to Rid Your Body of Toxins

Hi, Dr. Perry here.

Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit more about sweating to remove toxins from your body. Now, you can sweat in different fashions: exercising to work up a sweat, even soaking in a hot bath, and drinking a warm drink will initiate a good sweat. One way, however, which has been studied very well for removing toxins from the body via sweating is infrared sauna and BPA Bisphenol-A that chemical contained in plastic water bottles, which I hope you’re not drinking from, sweat has been measured in participants who used infrared sauna and that sweat was evaluated and was shown that BPA was contained in the sweat, so we know that infrared sauna is a very effective way to release some of the toxins from your body. These saunas are available for use at home and they can actually look like a wooden sauna that you sit on a bench in, but they also have some that you lay down and they’re portable and it kind of wraps almost a tube around you. And, you know you plug it in and you have your own personal sauna. Those are becoming more popular. They’re portable, you can put them away, and a bit more affordable. So, something that I’m really excited about and may not be available in your area, but I hope that they become more available is a larger sauna where three people could stand and actually do yoga in this far infrared sauna room. So last night I gave a presentation at a business, a spa that a friend of mine owns, in the woodlands here in Texas called Planet Beach, and they have this infrared room. How absolutely cool, so what I love about it is that you’re in there for 30 minutes. I love hot yoga, but sometimes an hour is just too hard to fit into my day, so wow you get two benefits with one. You can do a thirty minute yoga class in an infrared sauna, so this infrared penetrates deeper than just regular heated sauna room and it releases more toxins from the body. And, also I just wanted to share what a fabulous time I had last night doing this presentation. We had women in the audience from age nineteen to sixty-eight, and wow how powerful it is to be in community with likeminded women who are interested in more information about taking charge of their own health and investigating the self healing powerful innate wisdom of our bodies. I learned so much and it’s been a while since I’ve sort of been in community with women that were in their twenties and what a great time I had and I’m looking forward to doing more. So, I hope that you can check out infrared sauna and see if you can purchase something at home or find one in your area that you can use because the benefits for detox are awesome and we all know toxins are ubiquitous. They are unavoidable, so well not all of them are unavoidable, but many of them are, so infrared is one great way to release them from your body.


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