Video – Eat 2 of These Nuts Everyday to Support Your Thyroid


Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hi! It’s Doctor Perry here… Hey, if you’re a woman who suffers from fatigue, there’s quite a few things it can cause that, but one of the most common causes of fatigue in women, especially women over 50 is low thyroid. Now it’s very possible that you’re like a lot of the women I work with, you’ve been to your doctor, they’ve run some tests, and told you that your thyroid is fine.Unfortunately, it requires at least 3, sometimes up to 6 individual tests of your thyroid to thoroughly evaluate its function. And, I can give you more specific information about those tests, however what I want to tell you right now, something that you can do immediately to support your thyroid gland, is to make sure you have adequate levels of some key minerals, that are required for optimal thyroid function. Magnesium is one, zinc is another, iodine is another, and selenium is really important. Now you can get those in supplements, but something that you can start doing immediately is go to the grocery store and buy some brazil nuts. If you consume 1 large, or perhaps two large brazil nuts everyday, you’re going to give the amount of selenium that your thyroid requires, which is about 200 micrograms. They taste really good, fat is a very healthy part of a healthy diet, so try some brazil nuts.

In the meantime, and then if you want more information about comprehensive thyroid tests, you can reach out to me through my website, or contact me by phone, and that number is on the contact page of the website as well. Thanks!



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