Video – How to Look 10# Thinner… Immediately


Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hi, it’s Doctor Perry here! So, when I think about aging well, I’m really most concerned first and foremost about my health and vitality, about a lengthy health span, meaning that I live a long life but during those years I have the health and vitality and energy and capability to really enjoy life. Now, that being said, I’m a girl and if I can look my best throughout those years, that feels good too! So, one thing that I notice as I look at women as they age is their posture. Do you know that good posture can immediately take a few pounds off of you? And it’s also good for your organs, it’s good for your spine, it’s just really important to have good posture. Not just to look good, but it’s good for your health. So, there are plenty of exercises that I reccomend that are good for your posture but I wanted to mention something else, because I just came across a new taping procedure. So this is called Kinesio Tape and I do use it in my clinic for various sports injuries or chronic tendonitis and you can look on YouTube and easily find ways to use Kinesio Tape or another brand called Rock Tape for whatever issue you’re having. If it’s tennis elbow or issues with your knee, and you haven’t tried it, you can go to a practitioner and have it applied, you can also look on YouTube and find some awesome videos and depending on the body part, you can apply it to yourself. So, this new procedure that I came across, well it may not be new but it’s new to me, involves putting an “X” across the upper back, and it is designed to encourage you to engage those muscles that when they fire, encourage better posture. So, the video that I found was actually by Rock Tape and in the notes below this video I will put the link there where you can see exactly how it’s done. In the meantime, pull your shoulders back a little bit, lengthen your neck, and stand up straight! It’s good for your health, and you’ll look a little thinner as well!

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