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Hi there, it’s Dr. Perry.

So, I am going to share a tool with you today, that I just learned about last week, and maybe it will be something that will work for you as well as I can already tell that it’s helping me. I’ve been a big fan of David Allen’s work ‘Getting Things Done’. This is so much simpler.

So, it’s called a Kanban Board. K-A-N-B-A-N all one word. So, if you go to Youtube or research it, there are several different ways to do it. The simplest way is to use three categories, but I also did one using four boxes, so I want to show you both of them. Let’s see if I can bring the camera over here. I started out for myself creating one for business and one for personal, and then this morning I came over here and created this one because I thought it would be helpful for those of you who are interested in maybe thinking about healthy goals for the New Year. We’re at the end of 2017 right now. So, you can see that I entitled this one ‘Vitality’ and then I created ‘Daily’, ‘2 Do’, ‘Doing’, and ‘Done’. So, it really kind of rotates this way, 2 do, Doing, Done.

Alright, so in the simplest form you would not have the daily. You use sticky notes, you create everything that you can think of that you want to get out of your head, and you’re going to put it in the to do column, so that’s where you’re going to have 30 maybe 50 items. Carry that sticky note whenever you think about it, write something down and then later in the day you can bring it home and stick it on your board. So, the To Do section should have three maximum of, I’m sorry, Doing should have a maximum of 3-5 things. That might be projects that you expect to accomplish in a day, it may be something that you expect to accomplish in a week or so. You may find that as you look at this board on a daily basis, something that is in the doing column gets done or your priorities change for some reason and you move it back into To Do and you move something else that needs to be more important into the doing column.

So, what I added on the one here, that I entitled ‘Vitality’ was a daily column. I’m just kind of testing that out, but what I listed here, let me show you again, were some things that I’m committed to doing every day. I’m not perfect, and that is not an exhaustive list, but there’s an example of some of the things that I’m committed to trying to make a part of my daily routine. A 30 minute walk, 20 minutes of meditation, Taking my supplements, making sure I’m drinking plenty of water and most days some green tea writing in my gratitude journal, and there are definitely more than I have on that list. So, here’s what you could do, you could do one board to make it really simple and just have the three columns like I did over here with my business and personal. You would have ‘to do’, which is going to be the biggest one when you first start. ‘Doing’ which is going to be limited to 3, maximum of 5 projects that you’re working on, and then your ‘Done’.

Now, I need to ask, because I’m not sure. I mean at some point, you should have a whole bunch in Done and maybe you want to take them down, but it’s also just when you make a daily to do list and you check off something that’s done, it feels so good. So, I don’t know, maybe just stick all of those sticky notes on top of one another, and then the other option for you is to try the four categories. See how that works. I haven’t really played with that enough and then also you can have a separate board for various domains in your life, let’s say. So one could be health, I chose to call that one Vitality, it could be Relational like friends and family, another one could be Career, could be Education, one could be Finance, or you could choose to combine categories or just get a really, really big board and just put everything there.

So, I hope you decide to try it out if it kind of resonates with you and if you do, please give me some feedback because, like I said, someone just introduced this to me last week, and it just really, I think, is really really helpful. I do not have all of my to do’s for my business, but I’m in the process of kind of taking this weekend, carrying those sticky notes around with me wherever I go, I have them in the car, I have some in my purse, I have some at home, I have some at the office, so that I can capture anything that pops into my head, that I’ve been carrying around up there on paper, and eventually I’ll have everything out here, and then you don’t have to worry. You’ve got it all covered and you see where it needs to go, so let me know what you think and again if you do it, please send me an email and let me know how it’s going.

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