Video – The Secret Ingredient in Bone Broth Your Skin Loves


I hope you’ve tried bone broth, and perhaps you’ve even looked at my article on my website that talks about all the benefits of bone broth. I hope you check it out because I have two versions, a homemade version but I also have a real quick and easy version, and today I want to show you something that I add to my bone broth on occasion. Now, when you make bone broth, it does end up including collagen and gelatin from the bones, but for an added benefit I add, on occasion, some additional collagen and this is a good brand. There are several good brands out there, so I take my bone broth, and this is the homemade version, and as you can see I don’t always completely filter out all the solids. I take the bones out, but I shake it up, then I put my bone broth in a cup and then I add two tablespoons of the collagen hydrolysate, and I do, I like this Great Lakes brand. Mix it up, it’s more filling. It adds additional collagen, and it dissolves really well, and you don’t even taste it, so it’s going to taste just like your regular bone broth. That additional collagen is great for you. Our skin, our hair, our nails, our joints, our bones all need collagen, so as we age a little extra collagen is a good thing.

Here are a few other practices that are good for your skin:

Skin Brushing is great for detoxifying your body and also for keeping your skin healthy. Exercise increases blood flow which is great for your skin. Sweating helps as well. What else you do to benefit your skin? For more information about natural ways to create radiant skin, check out this article: 3 Essential Nutrients Your Skin Thirsts For.


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