How to Bust Fatigue by Using a Moxa Stick on Your Akabane Points

moxa stick

If you suffer from FATIGUE, you’re just like 80% percent of the people I work with.

That means you want more energy. Like…Today, thank you very much!

You wish for a QUICK FIX for your lack of energy. I know this because…so do I.

True confession: every now and then, typically in the afternoon, when I’m facing an “undesirable” task that I want to complete, I’ll grab an espresso (rut row, Wellness Expert gone to the dogs!). And if I’m at home, it’s definitely my homemade Turmeric Latte.

But here’s a HOT (actually warm) Alternative to Caffeine:

There something you can do at home to give yourself a gentle boost of energy. I’m going to explain how to treat your AKABANE points with a moxa stick. You can start today with a new ritual that will give you a nice sense of wellbeing. It only takes 10 minutes. If you perform the procedure daily, you’ll experience the best results. Most of my patients notice some degree of “more energy” within a few days. Some immediately. SWEET!

Acupuncture needles in your finger and toe tips can be painful.

This is a technique I learned quite some time ago. In acupuncture theory, treating the Akabane points, which are located on your fingers and toes, opens up the musculo-tendino channels and helps increase qi (vital life force) in the main channels. This is why stimulating these points is recommended when your qi (energy) level is very low.

I created a better way.

In my acupuncture training, I was taught how to perform the technique utilizing fine-gauged acupuncture needles. It is usually a bit uncomfortable because your finger and toe tips have so many nerve endings. So instead of needles, always treat these points with a specialized laser. This way my patients don’t feel a thing. They remain relaxed and at ease during their treatments. You want to be RELAXED while you receive acupuncture…your body will be so much more open to the healing energies.

Want more energy naturally? Here’s what you can do at home.

The technique is relaxing AND invigorating, so for many years, I have been teaching my patients to do it at home with a moxa stick – and it feels great.

Does it really work, or is it just in your head?

So you may be wondering… Is this just some crazy “Woo Woo” stuff?

Well, using a moxa stick to warm my Akabane points just sounded interesting, so I remained OPEN and tried it.

Honestly, I’ve yet to find any evidence-based research that this procedure has any scientifically proven benefits. So, it’s possible that the sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and perceived increase in energy could be all in your head. That would be an example of a placebo response. And well… That’s a GOOD THING. Any time YOU can be your own placebo, rock on dear one!

Want Scientific Evidence? Here’s What IS well documented:

Stillness for only 10 minutes each day, results in the feeling of MORE energy.

Sitting still while doing something to quiet your mind will elicit a powerful relaxation response. The hormones oxytocin and the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine are released. The parasympathetic nervous system becomes more active as the sympathetic nervous system quiets. Your body relaxes – it’s like taking a power nap! Only 10 minutes of daily relaxation has been shown to increase your sense of energy for hours to come.

CAUTION: Do NOT stimulate these points in any fashion if you are pregnant.

Using a lit moxa stick is not advised if you are diabetic, or if you have diabetic neuropathy or any other condition that has resulted in decreased sensation of your fingers or toes. Instead, you can massage the points. Use the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand and gently rub on both sides of the nail near the tip of your fingers and toes. 30 seconds each.

Today’s Action Item: Get yourself a moxa stick.

You can purchase them on Amazon. Smokeless is best. The hollow ones are much easier to light.
If you’re local, contact us. We have them in stock at the clinic.

Once you have your moxa stick, you’re ready to go.


How to Treat Your Akabane Points with a Moxa Stick:

  • Settle into a relaxing position in a quiet spot – your favorite comfy armchair or on a yoga mat in your yard.
  • Using a butane lighter or a candle, heat your moxa stick until it is white hot.
  • Treat each finger and each toe for 30 seconds, rotating the moxa stick in a circular motion, just close enough to feel a gentle warmth. Use caution, not moving the stick or touching your digits could cause a mild burn.
  • Keep your mind from wandering by focusing on the warm sensation and making those little circles (clockwise or counterclockwise).
  • In a small ceramic dish, extinguish your moxa stick by rubbing it around. You can also buy an official moxa extinguisher – very “authentic” feeling 🙂
  • Enjoy the relaxing and energizing benefits.
  • Repeat daily.

BONUS: If you want to be authentic, purchase a Tiger Warmer. Remember to make certain that you get the correct size sticks, as some of them are too large to fit into the warmer.


  • Fatigue is rampant – so if you feel tired much of the time, you are not alone.
  • Caffeine is a common go-to for an energy boost, but now you have another “natural” alternative.
  • The benefits of treating your Akabane points may come primarily from the elicitation of the relaxation response. This may be solely due to sitting still and quieting your mind by focusing on performing the procedure.
  • Using moxa to treat your Akabane points is easy to do. Most people find it to be fun, relaxing, AND invigorating!

Now you have a healthy alternative to caffeine for an energy boost!

***Instead of heading to Starbucks to catch up with a friend, buy an extra stick and ask her to meet you at the park for a moxa break!***

…Just don’t forget to bring your butane lighter!

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