Video – Fat Burning Lemonade Recipe (Proven to Boost Your Energy and Aid Your Body in Burning Fat)



Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hi, it’s Dr. Perry! So, one of my favorite beverages is actually lemonade, but I’ve created a recipe with a very unique twist and I think you might enjoy it! I call it my Green Fat Burning Lemonade. So, here’s how I make it. From Amazon, I buy Matcha green tea powder. Now, it comes in a kind of foil bag, it’s organic, I just store it in a jar like this. Then, I also use carnitine powder. One ¼ of a tsp, you can overdo carnitine, I used to think well… if a little is good more must be better. For some of us, it will cause you to have a little bit of a loose stool, (if you consume too much). So, ¼ tsp of that. Then, depending on the size of your lemon, about a half of this squeezed freshly. You know, these things are pretty amazing, I like to use this (lemon juice extractor)…it’s kind of fun. Slice your lemon in half or in quarters, and squeeze it. And by the way, when you use the matcha green tea, you’re going to use maybe a half a tsp depending on how strong you like it and you want to put it in the bottom of the cup and only add a tiny bit of water. You can use a whisk, I just use a fork, stir it up first. Then you’ll add purified water, your lemon, and your carnitine. Add ice cubes if it’s summer, and you have a delicious lemonade. The carnitine is energizing and it has definitely been proven to help your body burn body fat along with the polyphenol called EGCG that you find in green tea. So those two ingredients really help your body be energized and burn fat. In the summertime also occasionally I will add a little bit of mineral water to the drink to make it even more refreshing. If it’s not summer time where you are, you can warm it up and you can enjoy it that way. So for the details of how exactly to make this, this recipe is included as one of the tips in my 7 Secrets On How To Age Well Over 50. You can download that entire ebook on the website and the link is below.

Hope you enjoy!


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