Video – Can You Benefit from an Elimination Diet? Why I Recommend It.

Hi, It’s Dr. Perry.

So today I want to explain to you what an elimination diet is and whether or not it’s something you would want to try. So, the purpose of the elimination diet is to help you determine if you have foods that your body might be sensitive to, and a sensitivity is a little bit different, well it’s a lot different, than an allergy. A full blown allergy to food would be, let’s say, you have an allergy to shellfish. When you eat shellfish you break out in a rash, you can’t breathe, your throat tightens up, and you have to use your Epi-pen. That’s a particular, immediate response of your immune system. A sensitivity is a delayed response, it’s a little bit more subtle, but when our body is sensitive to foods, we probably shouldn’t be consuming a lot of those as well. So, a lot of practitioners that are kind of in my bailiwick will do a lot of testing, blood testing, to determine food sensitivities, and I don’t necessarily feel that that’s the best way to accurately establish what foods your body is sensitive to. I think the elimination diet is by far the best way to determine foods that agree with your body. So, the way you do the elimination diet… You choose a period of time, for me it’s 21 days, other practitioners recommend 28, I’ve heard some people say up to 60, 28 or 30 days is pretty common. I find 21 days is pretty good, so you follow this eating plan of a list of foods that are very low allergenic. You eat those foods for 21 days. At the end of that time frame you, one at a time, challenge or reintroduce one food, you eat that food in pretty high quantities for two or three days. If your body does not give you a symptom or a signal that you are reacting or that food doesn’t agree with you, then you take that food and you go ahead and now incorporate it into your eating plan and then challenge the next food. Now this process can take a while, but it is, I think, the most accurate way to determine which foods are best for your body. There are several ways to do an elimination diet, I modify it from patient to patient, but if you want to figure out which foods agree with you, I think, rather than spending a lot of money on expensive lab testing, an elimination diet is the best way to go, and at the end of this video here in the notes, I’m going to provide a link for you to get a handout that is something that I give all of my patients on the reintroduction and the challenge of the foods and then you can do the elimination diet for yourself. And, in fact, I’ll also include the foods that are allowed on the 21 day program that we do, so you can do that elimination diet for yourself. If you want some guidance, of course you can reach out to me, but maybe you’ll want to try this to determine the best foods for your body.


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