Video – How to Detoxify Your Bath Water


Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hey there, it’s Dr. Perry! So, I get asked about detoxification a lot and I want to talk to you a little bit about it today. I did my first cleanse, or detox, or purification program…a lot of terms used for usually a dietary program with additional supplements that help the body process toxins. I did my first one with a nature path in Denver probably in the summer of 1997, which was 20 years ago. Then I started formulating my own protocols, experimenting with a lot of different things and over the years I have learned so much doing protocols and programs with myself and with my patients where today I’ve landed on a pretty comprehensive program that encompasses a lot of things and goes much slower than what I used to do. I used to put people on a 21 day program and pretty much unless somebody was very very ill or going through chemotherapy, I put everybody on the same program. Well, why they call it clinical or private practice in my case is that you are practicing and you learn, you learn a lot from your patients. Every now and then a small percentage of people would feel pretty poorly on these detoxification protocols. I came to the conclusion as I tested these people and worked with these people that the vast majority of people who struggled going through that detox program had leaky gut. I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but that is a term for a condition where your intestine is more permeable than it should be. You haven’t maintained a healthy barrier so it can allow toxins and larger proteins and materials to seep through when they shouldn’t. So, If we accelerate your body’s own natural detox pathways, but your gut is leaky, there’s a good chance you’re not going to feel well. So, what does that mean to you? If you don’t know for sure if you have leaky gut, what you can do today is start drinking a large mug of bone broth every day. It is one of the many things that I do to help people heal their leaky gut. Now, my comprehensive detoxification program now addresses all the organs involved in detox. Which are your skin, your lungs, your kidney and your liver and your gut. And then of course, detoxing your mind from some of those toxic thoughts that run over and over in our head, that’s kind of a part of my program as well. So, that’s how we help our body rid it of toxins and of course the other very important piece of the program is that you minimize your exposure as well. Then just support your body’s overall health and well being so that it’s better equipped to do detoxification. And detox, my friends, is very important because it’s not really a matter of whether or not your body has stored toxins in it, it does, it’s just a matter of how bad the impact is and for those of us who are over 50, including myself, we’ve had more time to accumulate toxins. So, for optimal health moving forward as we age, detox is very important. So, look forward to some more details about my comprehensive program, but two things actually you can do today: See if you can purchase a little bit more organic food, and then check out my website for my article on bone broth because I have two recipes that I think you might enjoy. One is the traditional homemade one, and then the other one is my quick and easy version, which I do that one on occasion as well. So, any questions about detox please let me know and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions!


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