Video – When You Should NOT Do a Detox (AND What You Can Do Instead)


Dr. Kathleen Perry:

Hi it’s Dr. Perry. So, I’m gonna talk about toxins today. Now, you don’t need me to tell you that we do live in a very toxic world, and it’s easy to get concerned about that. But I want to give you a tip today, something that you can do right away. And before I want to share that tip with you, I want to mention a lot of patients come to see me or clients that I work with and mention that they are interested in trying a detox, meaning some sort of a detox diet, oh and that can mean so many things. And they’ve usually picked up something off the internet, or grabbed a book somewhere, and while I think that it’s amazing to be proactive like that about your own health, I would say use caution, because there are some good programs and some not so good programs. And also as a clinician, I have learned this in my own clinical experience and with my own study, that some people are not ready to do an aggressive detox. We need your gut to be healthy, no permeability issues in your gut, like leaky gut, it’s important that your liver is functioning well and your kidneys are functioning well and you’re having regular bowel movements so that when you accelerate detoxification, which your body does on a regular basis, you want to be able to eliminate those toxins. Now, here’s something that you can do, and it’s really one of the most simple and powerful ways to support detoxification in your body and that is by sweating. So, what’s been really well studied is Far infrared saunas, not all of you are going to have access to those, you can purchase a unit for home, there are some places you can go and usually have to pay to use the sauna. But you may have access to a steam room, or just a regular dry sauna, and if you don’t have that, you can go outside and exercise to work up a sweat. Or work in your yard, if you live in Houston like I do, it’s pretty easy to go outside. You can sit on your back patio and work up a sweat! Now, let’s say that you live in a very arid climate, and you really don’t exercise with such intensity to really work up a sweat on a regular basis, here’s something else you can do: get in a hot bath tub! And I recommend that you drink a hot beverage at the same time. So, an epsom salts bath, and a really hot cup of herbal tea, close the bathroom door, you’ll work up a good sweat and you’ll do some very effective gentle detox for your body.


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