Women’s Health Over 50

Which midlife health challenges would you like to find natural solutions for?

You are unique: maintaining optimal health in midlife and beyond requires a bold, new approach. For women over 50, focused natural strategies are needed to address hormonal change, bone density, breast health, and cardiovascular disease. Menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog, fatigue are messages from your body indicating an imbalance. Here, I’ll show you how to benefit from the latest strategies in Functional Medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and more. Safe, effective, natural, drug-free options are available to help you solve these challenges and have you feeling vibrant and ready to embrace life.

Video – How to Look 10# Thinner… Immediately

  Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi, it’s Doctor Perry here! So, when I think about aging well, I’m really most concerned first and foremost about my health and vitality, about a lengthy health span, meaning that I live a long life but during those years I have the health and vitality and energy and capability to…

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Video – Can Snacking Make You Fat?

    Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi, it’s Doctor Perry. So one of the most common questions I get from the women I work with who are over 50…. is there a perfect diet, is there a perfect diet for women over 50? And I think what underlies that question, is that for many of the…

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Video – 3 Day Gratitude Journal Challenge

        Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi! It’s Doctor Kathleen Perry. So today we’re going to talk about stress. And all of you know, that every state of dis-ease, or dis-harmony in the mind or in the body can be made worse by stress, if not entirely caused by stress. You’ve also probably heard…

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