Reverse Brain Fog

How will you enhance your cognitive function as you age?

Brain fog and cognitive decline can occur at any age, and it’s a common concern for Women Over 50. Natural remedies such as exercise, diet and targeted supplementation can resolve Brain Fog.  Certain foods can reduce brain inflammation. Dr. Perry will share specific strategies to enhance memory and improve brain fitness.

Explore the health disciplines of Acupuncture and Functional Medicine and discover how they can prove useful for solving forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.  Discover how to recognize the signs of early Alzheimer’s, and much more. Learn in-depth and practical tips for managing stress, anxiety, foggy thinking, brain fatigue and prevention of cognitive decline.

Cognitive decline is avoidable. Whether you are experiencing brain fog, feeling like your memory is not what it used to be, or just concerned about what your genetics may be telling you about your brain health, you can take steps today to strengthen and maintain your mental clarity and cognitive health.

Brain Food: Essential Nutrients for Staying Sharp as You Age

Perhaps you’ve been attributing your mental fatigue, lapses in memory, and even changes in mood to the process of “just getting older.” …Or if you’re a woman, you may be thinking that menopause is the cause. However, those pesky “issues” could be due to something else entirely. Can Degeneration of Your Brain Be Reversed? These…

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5 Ways Chronic Stress Ages Your Brain

PLUS: 5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Brain Have you ever found yourself saying to your children, other family members or friends . . . “I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.” I hear this from my parents, my husband, my patients, and my friends. Yes, I know you don’t want to create extra work for…

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Heal Your Brain Fog

Where are my glasses? I just had them! Twenty Years Ago No One used the term Brain Fog Several years ago, my practice manager Donna and I spent our lunch break searching the clinic for her glasses. I was 35 and didn’t need readers . . . yet. I had a terrific memory and amazing…

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