Healthy Eating Over 50

What’s the optimal diet for you as an individual to restore your youthful vitality as you age?

Food can be powerful anti-aging medicine. Healthy eating and optimal supplementation are two of the most powerful ways for you to positively impact your well-being as you age. Finding the “right” diet for YOU will provide the mental clarity and vibrant health you deserve.

Here, you’ll revive your youthful energy by learning to create your own, personalized plan. Though good health isn’t entirely about being a certain size, hormones change as women approach menopause and enter post menopause. The imbalances and decline in hormones can make reaching and maintaining your ideal weight difficult.  I’ll help you learn DOABLE strategies to shift your body’s metabolism and address weight loss resistance. Learn more about how to enjoy a healthy relationship with food. Discover ways to be comfortable inhabiting your “maturing” body, without giving in to the “normal or accepted” symptoms, degenerative diseases or feeling slowed down with age.

Video – Can Snacking Make You Fat?

    Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi, it’s Doctor Perry. So one of the most common questions I get from the women I work with who are over 50…. is there a perfect diet, is there a perfect diet for women over 50? And I think what underlies that question, is that for many of the…

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Bone Broth

Grandma was right: chicken soup is good for you, especially when you’re fighting a cold. …And spending a little time in the kitchen with a few simple ingredients and a big stock pot (or crockpot) is also Good for the Soul. 5 Amazing Healing Benefits of Bone Broth Strengthens your immune system – Granny knew…

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Brain Food: Essential Nutrients for Staying Sharp as You Age

Perhaps you’ve been attributing your mental fatigue, lapses in memory, and even changes in mood to the process of “just getting older.” …Or if you’re a woman, you may be thinking that menopause is the cause. However, those pesky “issues” could be due to something else entirely. Can Degeneration of Your Brain Be Reversed? These…

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