Embrace Healthy Aging

Choose now to maintain your health and vitality naturally as you age.

Graceful aging is possible. As life shifts, and we enter a new phase, there are new strategies for making the most of every day, feeling good, staying fit and staying healthy. My message for you is simple: You don’t have to “fight” aging or “reverse” aging. And you also don’t have to let aging rob you of joy, vitality, energy, and purpose, either.

Here, you’ll discover powerful solutions to your health challenges and new ways to make the most of every day as you age with grace and vigor. Let me help you add to your awareness that this transition is the portal to a richer and purposeful second half of your life.

Video – Inflammation: Not Always Bad for You

  Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi! Today’s topic is inflammation, and guess what, inflammation is not always a bad thing. Now, chronic systemic inflammation in your body isn’t desirable because it is the driving force behind many chronic degenerative diseases such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and alzheimer’s disease. What can you do about chronic systemic…

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How to Age Well Beyond 50 by Becoming “Undoctored”

I believe it’s possible for we Baby Boomers to live to 100 without medication – and I’m convinced that we can age with grace and live vibrantly, in spite of our current, broken healthcare system. At times, it might feel like swimming upstream – against the strong current of the ubiquitous, now overt messages surrounding…

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Video – Why You Need to Brush Your Skin

Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi! It’s Dr. Perry. Do you know which organ is the largest organ in your body? It’s your skin. Today I’m going to explain how to do dry skin brushing. Not only is it good for your skin, but it encourages lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage is one way that the body detoxifies…

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Video – How to Look 10# Thinner… Immediately

  Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi, it’s Doctor Perry here! So, when I think about aging well, I’m really most concerned first and foremost about my health and vitality, about a lengthy health span, meaning that I live a long life but during those years I have the health and vitality and energy and capability to…

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