Embrace Healthy Aging

Choose now to maintain your health and vitality naturally as you age.

Graceful aging is possible. As life shifts, and we enter a new phase, there are new strategies for making the most of every day, feeling good, staying fit and staying healthy. My message for you is simple: You don’t have to “fight” aging or “reverse” aging. And you also don’t have to let aging rob you of joy, vitality, energy, and purpose, either.

Here, you’ll discover powerful solutions to your health challenges and new ways to make the most of every day as you age with grace and vigor. Let me help you add to your awareness that this transition is the portal to a richer and purposeful second half of your life.

Video | Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Hi there, it’s Dr. Perry. So, I am going to share a tool with you today, that I just learned about last week, and maybe it will be something that will work for you as well as I can already tell that it’s helping me. I’ve been a big fan of David Allen’s work ‘Getting…

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Video | The Best Screening Test for Breast Cancer

Best Screening for Breast Cancer

Hi, it’s Dr. Perry here. So, it’s October here and in the US this happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, I am proposing that we rename this month. I’d like to call October ‘Happy Healthy Breast Month’. I’m going to share something with you that may surprise you, but for those of you…

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Video | 3 Ways to Improve Your Bowel Movements

Hi it’s Dr. Perry! So, today’s topic is going to be about your bowel movements and it’s extremely important that you know what your bowel movements should look like; what your stool should look like and how often you should be going. When those two things are happening, when the stool looks optimal and you’re…

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6 Ways an Elimination Diet Can Promote Healthy Aging

When you determine the foods your body loves, and root out which foods don’t agree with you, your health will improve – often in very dramatic ways. Perhaps you’d like to lose some weight, or you need to repair a digestive issue. Maybe you are suffering with brain fog, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or you…

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Video – How to Detoxify Your Bath Water

  Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hey there, it’s Dr. Perry! So, I get asked about detoxification a lot and I want to talk to you a little bit about it today. I did my first cleanse, or detox, or purification program…a lot of terms used for usually a dietary program with additional supplements that help the…

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