Video | The Best Screening Test for Breast Cancer

Hi, it’s Dr. Perry here.

So, it’s October here and in the US this happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, I am proposing that we rename this month. I’d like to call October ‘Happy Healthy Breast Month’. I’m going to share something with you that may surprise you, but for those of you who know me quite well, it won’t surprise you at all. I don’t get mammograms. I’ve had one. I had one ten years ago. I wanted to experience what my patients go through, what these women endure on a regular basis, but I’ve written a lengthy article and it details all the reasons why I don’t opt to do mammograms. I don’t even do monthly self breast exams, but if you’d like to find out what I do, do, I hope you’ll read the article, and while it may surprise a lot of people, that I don’t get mammograms, I feel the opposite of almost as surprising to me, women who do subject their breasts to annual mammograms is quite contrary to what I believe. Now, I’ve been in natural health care for a lot of time. I have a deep connection to my body and a deep trust in my body’s innate wisdom to heal itself and to alert me if there’s something that I need to be aware of. So, I hope you’ll be open minded about some alternatives and check out my article on a very safe and very effective, and what I consider to be the absolute best breast test out there.

So, the link to that article is at the end of the notes here and join me in celebrating Happy Healthy Breast Month!

The Safest Breast Test

FYI: I have my thermograms performed through Thermography of Houston. They have several locations for your convenience. For those of you outside of the Houston metro area, click here for The American College of Clinical Thermography’s page with a list of approved thermography clinics, both in the US and International.

*There are other organizations besides the ACCT that train and certify technicians, and it’s fine to work with one of them. Just remember, it’s imperative that you continue to have your tests repeated with the same type of equipment.

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