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Video – The Perfect Diet for Women Over 50

  Dr. Kathleen Perry: So, let’s talk about the perfect diet, the ideal diet, for women who are over 50. I’m teasing you. There isn’t one and you know this. There’s no one size fits all diet for any woman, any man, any human being at any age. We’re all different. Now honestly genetically, we…

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Video – 36 Hour Unplugging Challenge

    Dr. Kathleen Perry: Hi, It’s Dr. Perry. So today I’m going to do something different. Instead of providing YOU with the tip, I want to ask you to provide ME with some tips. So, I am a self-confessed workaholic. And with all the technology available, I am able to do a lot of…

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How to Age Well Beyond 50 by Becoming “Undoctored”

I believe it’s possible for we Baby Boomers to live to 100 without medication – and I’m convinced that we can age with grace and live vibrantly, in spite of our current, broken healthcare system. At times, it might feel like swimming upstream – against the strong current of the ubiquitous, now overt messages surrounding…

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