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Video | How to Make a Food Journal REALLY Work

How to make a food journal work

Old school calorie counting, weighing and measuring simply don’t work. In fact that approach can backfire. Listen as Dr. Perry explains how she uses a food journal with her clients to help them effectively achieve their goals. Hey it’s Dr. Perry! Today we are going to talk about food journaling and for you dudes out…

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Video | Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Hi there, it’s Dr. Perry. So, I am going to share a tool with you today, that I just learned about last week, and maybe it will be something that will work for you as well as I can already tell that it’s helping me. I’ve been a big fan of David Allen’s work ‘Getting…

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Video | Wearables for Tracking Sleep

Wearables for Tracking Sleep

Hi it’s Dr. Perry. So, today I’m going to talk to you about wearables. Here you go. Here’s my apple watch. Fitbit is another popular one. So, as the saying goes, “what gets measured gets done”, and what I do with my practice members is provide accountability in coaching. Because so many of the people…

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Video | The Best Screening Test for Breast Cancer

Best Screening for Breast Cancer

Hi, it’s Dr. Perry here. So, it’s October here and in the US this happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, I am proposing that we rename this month. I’d like to call October ‘Happy Healthy Breast Month’. I’m going to share something with you that may surprise you, but for those of you…

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