How to Age Well Beyond 50 by Becoming “Undoctored”

Doctored vs. Undoctored

I believe it’s possible for we Baby Boomers to live to 100 without medication – and I’m convinced that we can age with grace and live vibrantly, in spite of our current, broken healthcare system.

At times, it might feel like swimming upstream – against the strong current of the ubiquitous, now overt messages surrounding you from Big Pharma. How many times a week do you hear this message: “Ask your doctor about (insert the latest wonder drug.)” Direct to consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals didn’t exist until recently. These strong messages imply that it’s impossible to age without the help of modern chemistry and technology-driven medical devices and procedures, and that you can’t make it to the end of a life well-lived without the now outdated, ineffective doctrines of conventional medicine… Doctrines that operate in a paradigm that strips you of your personal power.

Both Big Pharma and conventional medicine only offer Band-Aids, drugs designed to suppress symptoms (which are important messages you need to heed) and procedures to fix “broken” parts of your body.

Pharmaceuticals, most often intended to suppress symptoms, and conventional Western medicine, with a paradigm that rarely seeks to discover root-causes, don’t honor the innate wisdom of your body to bring itself into harmony. Neither seek to honor and lead the Self to heal and become whole.

You’ll have to accept personal responsibility and become your own Doctor. Of course, if you slice your finger while preparing dinner and you need stitches, you’ll go get it sewn up.

Holistic Health Undoctored

If Not Drugs, Then What Does Your Body Really Need?

Indeed, your body may be stuck or suffering from a temporary deficiency or metabolic imbalance. At times, you’ll require assistance and perhaps a timeout. Unless you are involved in a serious accident, your body can heal itself – and even then, it only needs a help to get through the acute phase. Say you sustain a broken leg and it’s a compound fracture. The bone needs to be set (lined up) and your leg will require a cast, but the doctor who cared for you in the emergency room won’t be seeing you daily to administer a drug or perform a procedure. YOU are the healer. Your body will mend the fractured leg bone… And of course you’ll be resting and recuperating, right?

As You Age, What Else Does Your Body Need?

Perhaps you’ve put the needs of others ahead of your own, maybe for a very long time… Children, aging parents, your spouse, and if you’re like me, many, many people who ask for help and you just haven’t said NO. Neglecting your own needs, putting off the level of self-care you require and deserve, the stress of it all, can all add up to a body, mind, heart, and soul that’s simply worn out!

Mind you, this is not “normal aging.” However, it seems to be common among the women I see in my private practice – and of course, when I look in the mirror. But I’m evolving, letting go of my identity as a “Woman Who Does Too Much.”

When you decide to take charge of your own health in spite of your doctor, you will be swimming against the current of conventional medicine. But by doing so, building your muscles as you swim upstream, you’ll not only survive, you’ll also develop resiliency and thrive! However, your mandate will be to make YOU your Number One Priority.

How Many Drugs Does it Take to Live a Long Life?

My stepfather worked hard, laboring 6 days a week for our family. He went to work at age 14 and spent the next 50 years developing his craft as a bricklayer. He built the house I grew up in. I still remember watching each step, from the excavation of the basement to the finishing red brick on the front of our home.

Recently, I was in Michigan for a long weekend visit. We were sitting in his pickup having a chat and I asked him about his medications. He pulled a card from his wallet and handed it to me. Fourteen drugs and the dosages were listed. He didn’t know what several of them were intended for. He told me that when he asked one of his doctors, “What are all these drugs doing for me, and are they really ALL necessary?” He was told, “Mr. Cox, they’re keeping you alive.”

The Life Force That Animates Every Cell in Your Body Doesn’t Require Drugs

In spite of all the medication, my stepfather’s body functions all on its own, just like your body does. Your heart beats, pumping blood throughout your body. Your gastrointestinal system digests your food and absorbs nutrients. Your mitochondria, those amazing power generators (Read More) inside every cell of your body, provide the energy to sustain life, and your mind receives appropriate signals, telling you when it’s time to eat or time to go to bed and rest. All of these functions, occurring in synchronicity, happen without any conscious thought. The body doesn’t need help to operate, and it definitely doesn’t need any interference.

William Davis is the author of “The Wheat Belly Diet.” I read it when it was first published, and I also own the 30-Minute Wheat Belly Cookbook, which I still refer to and highly recommend. The pita chips are a big favorite in my house. We love them for scooping up Papa ‘Rique’s guacamole (my husband’s grandfather’s recipe).

Davis has written a new book, Undoctored: Why Healthcare Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. I totally and completely align with his message. If you’ve read this far, I believe his book will resonate with you.

Davis proposes that you can manage your own health safely and responsibly, and attain results superior to those achieved through conventional healthcare. According to him, this can be done without drugs and procedures, not to mention the awful message that passes for modern dietary advice. He suggests that the code has been cracked for a long list of health conditions. We crack that code with Lifestyle Medicine, and of course Holisic healing, which is what I’ve been practicing for over 30 years.

He says, “I propose that everyday people can achieve startling results without prescription drugs, without hospitals, without medical procedures by largely sidestepping the doctor, using tools that inform, measure, and support self-directed efforts.”

But I propose that you DO need a team for support.

Lifestyle Medicine such as nutritious food, adequate rest, play and movement, stress management, laughter, love and connection, and a sense of purpose will provide you the best opportunity for a healthy, vital journey through midlife and beyond…

But perhaps you need a doctor or nurse practitioner to help you interpret test results, or affirm your dietary and supplement choices… Maybe you need a skilled massage therapist to ease your muscle soreness after beginning a new exercise program. Then there is the healing power of touch, eye contact, and deep listening… Of course, I’m biased. I love acupuncture for stress reduction and bioenergic medicine designed to activate your body’s innate self-healing wisdom.

And I propose that you need an excellent resource.

There’s just too much health information to keep up with! Dr. Google has many so-called experts. I’ll be here for you to curate the information you need to age well and to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You can live a healthy life, undoctored. Perhaps you’ll read Dr. Davis’s book, But if there’s anything you’re curious or confused about, reach out to me and I’ll answer your questions. If you want to know about something, there’s a good chance many others do too.


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